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Customer Testimonials



VTech IA5879 5.8 GHz 2-Line Cordless Phone with Speakerphone and Caller ID

I recieved the phone I ordered today and can not believe how smooth this transaction went. I have bought items on line before, but it seems to always end up a problem. But not this time. I will always check your site first before ordering online.

Thank you so much!



VTech Phone

Februrary 21, 2006

I recently purchased a telephone through Regency Distributors and want to share that I have never done business with an on line company that was so proactive in offering customer service.

Especially I would like to thank Kathy for her personal assistance.


VTech I5858 5.8GHz Cordless Phone

I have used the Vtech line for years and passed models to everyone in my family...now, with the i5858 and 6 remotes, I have an excellent system for my home...the best ever!!!

You were a big help...would not have the system without your direction! Thank you!

Fenix, US


VTech IA5839 5.8GHz Cordless Phone

Good product for the price. Very easy to use eg. entering in names and numders in the Dir.

J. Giovinazzo, Ontario.


VTech I5858/I5808 5.8GHz Cordless Phone

I would like to mention my satisfaction of dealing with you. You give me a great service when I bought a telephone Vtech i5858 et i5808 from your company. The delivry was perfect , the conditions also and we could say that your courtosy is your trade mark.

Thank You Very much.

Luc Breton, Laval Quebec


VTech USB7100 VOIP Dual-Line PC Internet Phone for Skype

Skype phone exceeded my expectations, might buy another. Quick shipping.


R. Comeau, Canada.


VTech USB7100 VOIP Dual-Line PC Internet Phone for Skype

June 5, 2006

Every once in a while I do something in the hope it will turn out as advertised but have some doubts that it will. I recently bought the newly released VTECH USB 7100 phone that can be used either as a regular phone or via my laptop PC. I am thrilled at the result as this unit together with SKYPE has vastly exceeded my expectations. Everything is brilliantly thought out to be remarkably integrated with the regular phone system, the PC and Skype. So often software and hardware are a frustration or awkward to use and non intuitive. Once I gave in and read the instructions and learned that the left call button is used if I wish to call over the internet (SKYPE) and the right if it is over the regular network everything worked fabulously. Within an hour of my first use I placed an order with you for a second one I will give to a lady friend. I have 4 other people I am going to let use my phone as I know they'll want one too. My brother has a long distance plan that costs him about $20.00 per month. He can pay for a phone in 6 months and after that save $20.00 per month forever.

The sound clarity is better than my cell phone. Feel free to have a customer chat with me if they are fearful, This is really a no brainer decision. Before buying your phone, I bought a book on SKYPE and learned that SKYPE was only started in 2002 and already has over 75 million users worldwide and is adding new ones at the rate of more than 150,000 a day! Yes, you heard right a day! It started in Europe and spread quickly through Asia and is only now becoming known in North America. Pity folks whose jobs are in the telephone industry.

The obvious question is how do they make, money if you pay them nothing and buy your phone elsewhere? Why would eBay pay 2.6 billion to acquire it? While it is true that Skype calls between any two SKYPE users anywhere in the world is totally free; if you call a regular phone outside of North America (ie: a person without SKYPE) than you are charged a rate that is usually around 2 cents a minute. With their number of users and their desire to grow that number quickly and as they don't have all the costs the telephone companies have in wires and snitching networks and service people they make it work. As I have experienced it, a win win situation. It is such an incredible deal that I thought there had to be a catch.. But there isn't.

It is a fabulous product and I must thank you for promoting it. For once a promotion that delighted me. I also want to add that the prompt professional and personal attention I received from Ms. King on your staff was remarkable. You could teach many other firms what customer service truly means

Thank you again

Henry Noble



Air Oasis AO1000 UV Air Purifier

All my life I have been plagued by allergies around the clock. at night, I would be so congested that I seldom could get a good night's sleep. I purchased the above product in November 2007. I love the fresh "after a rain-shower" smell in the air it creates. Since I have the air purifier on my bedside table, & keep the bedroom door closed, because I want to keep my sleep area as wholesome as possible, I have not had a single congested night even when I had a cold. I heartily recommend this product.


L. Sandhurst, Canada.


Air Oasis AO3000 UV Air Purifier

By the time I purchased the Air Oasis 3000, I had been taking multiple antibiotics nonstop for 15 months. The Air Oasis was part of my new protocol for limiting my exposure to mold spores. I was desperate to try anything at that point. Within two weeks of round the clock use of my Air Oasis 3000, my infection responded to the antibiotics and cleared up. I keep the machine running 24 hours a day. Probably I don't need to do this, but I bring it out into the main part of my apartment during the day, and I place it next to my bed at night when I sleep. I have been off the antbiotics completely now for two full months. This is the longest period of time I have gone without allergy symptoms and/or sinus infections in nearly seven years. This is also the longest period of time that I have gone without antibiotics in the last three years.

I really truly believe that the Air Oasis 3000 is an integral part of my recovery from chronic sinus infections. I am grateful that I discovered this technology, and I wouldn't want to be without it now.


Steven K.

Lansing, Michigan


Air Purifier XJ-2000

I know I may have said this before... but I really do love the product I bought from you. I smoke cigarettes... a lot. Now I could see that my apartment was cleared of smoke a lot faster, but I can't really smell the smoke anymore myself. My girlfriend just came back from a week of vacation, and she said that not only does my apartment not smell like smoke, but my clothes don't smell like smoke either. Frankly, I'm amazed. On top of that, I'm pretty sure I've been sleeping better since I got my air purifier. Thanks again for a great product!

J. Leane, BC, Canada.


Air Purifier XJ-2000 & XJ-2100

I purchased two xj2100, two xj2000 plus the car unit sometime in March 05 as my husband and I both smoke with not much success at quiting and I had just repainted, I wanted to give the units a try. I must say that even I am impressed with the smoke removal the house smells much fresher. I am very pleased with my units. Many thanks to my distributor for the quick delivery.

Betty N, B.C.


Air Purifier XJ-2100

I bought an XJ2100 air purifier for my clinic room and immediately noticed the difference in the air quality. Some of my patients have chemical sensitivities and it's very important to remove odours quickly. The XJ2100 does a great job of this and patients comment on how nice and fresh the air is in the room. A bonus for me is that I find I'm less tired at the end of the day.'

Caroline Abrams, Osteopath, Vancouver



Panasonic Shaver ES-8164

Thank you for your kind assistance. You've been a great help in choosing my shaver. I really enjoy using my new Panasonic 8164 shaver. It really really works! I tried other brands like Braun 8595, it just didn't get close enough to 100% shave. Best shaver I've had and definitely value for money.

John Joulakian



Educational Toys - Capsela 1000

My son is 6 yrs old and loves the Capsela 1000 kit. He makes a new vehicle or contraption every day. He also loves to make the creations that work in the bathtub! We bought a spare light bulb at the hardware store because he wanted to show his creation at Show-and-Tell.

G. Boritz, Ontario.


Educational Toys - Capsela 090

My eight year old and grandpa are having a great time with the Capsela weather station. They've been trying different things and recording the statistics daily. Thanks again!

A. Warner-Smith, Ontario.

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