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- 891324 Battery

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VTech Replacement 3.6V 800mAh Ni-MH iSeries Battery

Pack: 89-1324-xx-xx

Model: 102

Battery pack information:

  • 3.6V 800mAh Ni-MH

For use with VTech and AT&T 5.8GHz models:

  • VTech: i5871, i5858, i5808, ip8100, ip811, ip5850 and ip5825
  • AT&T: ep5962 and ep5995

Please check the battery item number in the battery compartment before ordering.

Depending on the manufacture date, the ip5825 and ip5850 takes either AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries or the iSeries battery.

You may purchase AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries at your local electronics retail store. DO NOT USE REGULAR OR NON-RECHARGEABLE AAA BATTERIES.

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Replacement Ni-MH Battery
(P/N 89-1324)