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Heaven Fresh AK-900 Aqua Charger Water Ionizer and Purification System - OUT OF STOCK !

The Heaven Fresh AK-900 Aqua Charger Water Ionizer is a water electrolysis machine with a built in high performance filter cartridge.

Ionized Water improves the taste of food Ionized Water hydrates food better, helps bring out its flavor, lowers acid levels of any food including coffee, tea & juice. It ionizes the minerals in the food which helps make them bio-available. The benefits of electrolysed antioxidant alkaline water include:

  • Quick Supply of Instant Action Antioxidant Energy
  • Helps balance body pH toward desired alkalinity
  • Helps reduce and neutralize disease attracting acidity
  • Healthy for intestinal tract, promotes aerobic flora

It produces high pH alkaline antioxidant drinking and cooking water, which has the pH value in the 8-10 range. The acid water from the machine has the pH value in 3.5-6 ranges. There are two hoses attached to the water ionizer machine. The tap water is electrolysed and divided into alkaline minerals concentrated and acid water. This machine can handle flow rates up to 1.2 gallons per minute and produces about 0.7 gallons of alkaline water per minute. All the functions of the water fountain are controlled by an on-board microprocessor based controller that allows push button adjustment of electrolysis in 5 levels. The microprocessor also controls the automatic self-cleaning of the electrolytic cell. Features of the Heaven Fresh AK-900 Aqua Charger Water Ionizer and Purification System:

  • World pioneer of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value control system
  • Large LCD display of ORP and PH value
  • Unique design of constant ORP output and automatic adjustment
  • Super large scale and calcium magnesium bundle protection of electrodes over 800 cm2
  • Automatic indicator on filter life status and water flow litres/min
  • High efficiency unit with low power consumption
  • Overload protection and cooling system
  • Patented electrodes always keep the ORP value between -250 ~ -400MV
  • Automatic electrolysis mode to fit with any kind of clean water supply anywhere
  • Module design, self cleaning mode, high reliability and easy maintenance

The electrolysis process not only gains an excess amount of electrons, but also reduces the cluster of molecules in size from 11-13, which is the size of ordinary tap water to 5-7, which is half that size. Due to its smaller clusters with lower molecular weight, Antioxidant Alkaline Water is rapidly moving and readily absorbed by the body system. It is able to better deliver nutrients to all the cells, tissues, and organs and accelerates metabolism with increased elimination of acidic waster from the body.

Antioxidant Alkaline water neutralizes acidity, thus helping the body to naturally rid itself of acidic waste products in human body. Human blood has a pH value ranging from 7.3 to 7.45. 97% of the food we eat will produce high levels of acid in the body. These acids, if not neutralized cause inflammation, free radicals, and kill healthy cells by stealing oxygen. Alkaline water and food will not only dissolve these harmful acids but will help remove them from the body by allowing them to pass safely through the kidneys. If we keep our body in an alkaline state it will allow us to eat the foods necessary to maintain good health while dissolving the harmful acids which need to pass through our kidney, and not be stored in our joints and organs.

Specifications of the Heaven Fresh AK-900 Aqua Charger Water Ionizer and Purification System:

Model AK-900
Point of use Counter-Top unit
ORP Range 400 Negative (-) ~ 680 Positive (+) Milli Volts (MV)
pH Levels Max. pH 10
Electrode Surface 800 cm2
Electrode Material Electrodes are made of high quality platinum coated titanium
Filter Life Approx. 12,000L
Standard Filter 3 Stage & 1 Micron filter
Input Voltage AC-110 Volts
Power Consumption 100 ~ 200 Watts
Input Water Pressure 20~70 psi
Input Water Temperature 5oC~35oC (40oF to 95oF)
Output Flow Max. 4 Liters/min (9 Gallons/min)
Water Outlets Top flexible stainless steel nozzle
Cleaning System Auto
Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 12.4" H x 10.8" W x 5.5" D

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Aqua Charger
(P/N AK-900)