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Dr. Mercola© Healthy Home SWF2000 Pure & Clear Shower Filter with One SFR2000 Cartridge

The Best Shower Filter for the Best Price!

Protect your skin and body from chlorinated water when you take a shower by using the Pure & Clear Shower Filter. The features and benefits of the Pure & Clear Shower Filter include:

  • Like showering in natural spring water? Patented 2-stage filtration unit removes and reduces chlorine, DBPs (THMs), VOCs, heavy metals, and other contaminants from your shower water.
  • Softer skin and hair in 1 week - If you dye your hair, less chlorine and other contaminants in the shower water help reduce your coloring frequency.
  • Easy-to-install - Shower filtration system installs in minutes without special tools or complex plumbing. Due to its design, it fits most existing shower configurations and does not require adjustment to shower head height.
  • Maintains free-flowing water - Filtration unit, with its unique ‘upflow’ design, does not clog or noticeably impede water pressure.
  • Looks attractive in your shower - High-gloss finish and small size add to its appealing appearance in your shower.
  • Low cost of ownership - Since replacement of the filter is required only twice a year and the filter is reasonably priced, your cost of use can be as low as $10 a month.
  • High-quality commitment by the manufacturer - High levels of certification by UL and the state of California demonstrate the manufacturer's extraordinary focus on quality.
  • Includes One Shower Filter Cartridge (SFR2000).

How This Filtration System Performs so Well

The Pure & Clear Shower Filter multi-stage filtration process works as follows:

  • Stage 1 - Removes chlorine and enhances pH balance with a natural copper/zinc mineral media called KDF-55D
  • Stage 2 - Uses a carbonized coconut shell medium to remove synthetic chemicals, THMs (DBPs), and VOCs that vaporize from your shower water.

The unique and patented ‘upflow’ design of the 2-stage filtration system helps maintain water pressure and prevents the unit from clogging.

The shower water goes down through the filter cartridge and then back up. Contaminants settle out and won’t clog the unit, or require the unit to be flushed to continue the flow.

Your filter only requires replacement every 6 months and the extraordinary design of the Pure & Clear Shower Filter allows you to maintain your current shower head height (while some units out there require lowering the shower head height by inches).

Pure & Clear Shower Filter Home Shower Filter with Upflow Design
The attractive Pure & Clear Shower Filter with its 2-stage patented filtration process. The patented ‘upflow’ design of the filtration system maintains water pressure and prevents clogging.

How the Pure & Clear Shower Filter Compares to other manufacturers

Selection Criteria

Mercola Pure & Clear Shower Filter?

Other manufacturers?

Filters out chlorine - at least 90%? Yes - This filtration system filters out greater than 90% of the chlorine in your tap water. Not all filtration systems reduce chlorine to such high levels. Some manufacturers may only achieve around 50%.
Filters out chlorine DBPs (THMs) - at least 90%? Yes - The Pure & Clear Shower Filter reduces THMs by greater than 90%. While some systems reduce THMs, a surprising number of manufacturers don’t address these risky DBPs at all.
Removes other VOCs - 90% or greater? Yes - Achieves reductions at greater than 90% of volatile organic compounds. As with other DBPs, not all shower filter systems in the marketplace even address VOCs.
Reduces heavy metals? Yes - Significant amounts of lead and copper are reduced by this system. Many manufacturers do a good job here, but there still are some popular brands that come up short.
Employs a multi-stage filtering system? Yes - System uses a patented 2-stage filtering process to promote a healthy shower for you and your family. Some manufacturers use multi-stage filtering systems while others still do not.
Delivers smooth water flow? Yes - Filtration system designed with special ‘upflow’ feature to prevent clogging and to keep pressure flowing. Comes with 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) shower head to help save on water usage. Not all filtration systems are designed well enough to prevent clogging and to provide adequate water pressure. Many do conform to 2.5 gpm to conserve water and energy.
Easy to install? Yes - System installs in minutes without special tools and plumber requirements. The unit is relatively small to conform with most existing shower installations and maintains current shower head height. Some filtration systems are not only larger, but also may involve more complex installations. Plus, not all manufacturers designed their units to maintain current shower head height and may require height reduction.
Attractive and practical to maintain? Yes - The shower filter comes in an attractive high-gloss finish. Filter replacement is very practical at every 6 months. Many units are attractive, but some are not mainly due to their size. Filter replacement requirements can be as frequent as 3 months on some systems and as less-frequent as 12 months on others (but cost of filter replacement is high).
Reasonably priced? Yes - The Pure & Clear Shower Filter is priced at $149.99 (with filter cartridge) and the cost of ownership quite reasonable. Some comparable systems can retail as high as $249.
Proof of high quality standards backed by the manufacturer? Yes - With certifications from UL and California Dept. of Public Health this manufacturer makes quality a top priority. Not all comparative shower filters in the marketplace follow as stringent quality practices and are as well-backed by the manufacturer.

Sale Price! $104.99

Shipping only $20 for this item!

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